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CharmedWons is not a commercial kennel, but rather a small  Pharaoh Hound breeding program located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.    

My name is Julie and I acquired by first Pharaoh hound in March 1999.  His name was Phantom and he taught me so much about Pharaoh Hounds as a breed, sighthounds as a group, and dogs in general.  Through him, I have seen and experienced a whole world of purebred dogs that I didn't  know existed.  We started in the show ring and then progressed to the coursing and racing fields.  He excelled in all areas and we had so much fun together. 

Why CharmedWons? My kennel name, CharmedWons, came into existence several years after I had acquired my first 2 PHs, Phantom and Phlirt. Initially I started naming my dogs with a “PH” because I’m a PHarmacist from PHiladelphia with Pharaoh Hounds. It was a trend I had started for fun. Then as I was considering breeding my first litter, I became hopelessly hooked on a TV show, “Charmed”. In this show, the main characters who are 3 sisters, all have first names that begin with “P” (which was similar to my trend with “Ph”). The sisters are referred to in the show as the “Charmed Ones” and all have special abilities/powers. I have always considered my Pharaohs to have special abilities/powers and I think the intelligence, ingenuity and versatility of this breed is absolutely amazing. The definition of “charming” also describes PHs wonderfully. Webster’s definition is “extremely pleasing or delightful; entrancing”. So with just a slight modification in spelling and with the whelping of my first litter, CharmedWons Pharaohs began.

I am involved in many activities with my hounds.   I owner/handle all my dogs in the show ring, lure coursing, racing and obedience (I've dabbled in agility and freestyle dancing).  I am also trying NoseWork and it's a lot of fun.  First and foremost, these are my companions and my best friends.   Many of my weekends are planned around activities for the dogs or just relaxing at home.  I am a big proponent of owners showing/handling their own dogs as opposed to the use of professional handlers.  Fortunately the PH breed in general is primarily owner/handled with some exceptions.

The litters produced at CharmedWons will be infrequent (every 1-2 years), but well thought out.  The goal will be to produce Pharaoh Hound puppies that are not only beautiful, elegant and bred to the standard, but functional and good tempered as well.  I will only be producing a litter when the intention is for me to keep one of the puppies to be potentially incorporated into my breeding program.  Importance is placed on quality NOT on quantity. 

I am very active in several dog clubs.  I am a member of the Pharaoh Hound Club of America since 2001.   I am a member and club officer of an all-breed club, Valley Forge Kennel Club since 1997.  I am a founding member and officer of  the Pharaoh Hound Owners of the NorthEast (PHONE) since 2008.  I encourage all exhibitors and fanciers to join not only their breed's specialty club, but also an all-breed kennel club. 

As far as training my dogs,  I take classes at several training clubs in my area including Y2K9s, Suburban DTC and What a Good Dog.  These classes include conformation handling, rally, obedience, nosework and I've dabbled in agility and freestyle.   I am a new member to National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW) and hope to begin trialing in NoseWork.

Enjoy the information and pictures about my wonderful companions.  Please contact me with any questions