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UKC-Ch, AKC Ch CharmedWons Que-Sera-Sera SC GRC ORT (CHIC)

(DC Nefer-Temu Mia Sambasonic x DC Sunwind Sovrin Scheherazade)








Date Whelped - January 14, 2008 (conceived via frozen AI)

10 Generation Inbreeding Coefficient = 11.1% (n=1927)

6 Generation Inbreeding Coefficient = 4.8% (n=127)

Co-owned with Judy Rucker (Sunwind Pharaohs)

OFA Hips -  Excellent

Knees - No Patellar Luxation

Dentition - Complete

Thyroid Level - Normal

CERF (eyes) - Normal (5 yrs of age).

Allergies - None

Height: 24 inches

Weight: 48.1 pounds (10/14/09)

Diet - Raw (Whole-Prey Model) - 3rd Generation

Vaccinations - Minimal, Titer tested except for Rabies (given every 3 years)

Microchipped - Avid Euro

CHIC number - 91006


Points thus far....

UKC: Champion;   Grand Champion legs: 1

AKC conformation: Champion from the bred-by class; 18 GCh points (3 majors, 0 champions defeated)

LGRA: Gazehound Racing Champion (GRC); 7 National GRC points

AKC Lure Coursing: SC;  9 points (1 major); 1 MC legs

Nose Work: ORT on Birch


              Que-Sera-Sera is French and loosely means "what will be, will be".  This is the puppy from Phlirt's 2nd litter that stayed at CharmedWons.  She is an absolute doll to live with. 


              She was the 1st born of the litter and at 4 months of age started basic obedience and also handling classes.  She is very smart!!  She finished her AKC breed championship

              title at 3 years of age as a mature bitch  She enjoys playing with her older 1/2 brother and 1/2 sisters as well as her Momma Phlirt.  She is a very keen hunter.  She travels

               wonderfully and loves racing and coursing.  She earned her straight racing title and PHCA dual titleist award in 2011. 


Phuture has been working in Nosework and has earned her ORT (Odor Recognition Test) in Birch.  She LOVES NoseWork at "What A Good Dog".


                       Phuture's next adventure will be in the whelping box in late 2013.  She has always been so helpful with the Sirus x Phaith puppies, so I expect she will be a phenomenal Momma.  If you are interested in a pup from Phuture, please see my upcoming litters page or contact me.


Phuture's Achievements:

  •  At the 2009 Supported Entry in Wrentham, MA, Phuture is BOS in Sweeps.

  •  At the Valley Forge KC all-breed show, Phuture earns a Bred-By Exhibitor Group 3 Placement.

  •  August 2010, Phuture earns her first performance title - straight racing champion in LGRA. 

  •  August 2011, at the PHCA Awards Banquet (National Weekend), Phuture earned the club awarded "Dual Titleist" award.

  •  June 2013, earns her ORT on birch.

  •  July 2013 - gets her CHIC number

  •  December 2013 - Phuture whelps her first litter - 9 stunning puppies (8 girls and 1 boy).


Phuture's Pedigree



Litter #2 Family


      newborn shots